Character & Creature Design Portfolio


The Horned False Eyed Toad. This species has been brought close to extinction by poachers looking to make some cash off their prized horns.


Two of my favorite facial designs for Claire. I ended up merging the features I enjoyed the most out of these two into the final design.

Different Hairstyles for Claire


To get into the musketeer vibe, I decided to watch a few Olympic fencing matches to get a general idea of the movements, thrusts, and parries (epee matches can be pretty cool to watch!)

Rapier Designs

A musketeer needs her trusty rapier by her side! I tried to incorporate the design and feel of chess pieces into the sword hilts. The Bishop design made the most sense to me since both bishops and epee fencers can skewer their opponents.

Claire de Champeaux

Rough paint of Claire de Champeaux

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